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"Bluffajo Cosmetic a makeup with Skincare in mind. "

Experience the difference by using the fine products we use everyday, and made available for your home care needs.

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What Are “Bluffajo” Minerals?

100% micronized minerals instead of mineral with other substances thrown in.

Because our bases are concentrated pigments minimum amount gives unsurpassed coverage. This concentrated pigment also gives us the high rating we achieve with sunscreen protection.
Mineral pigments derived from rock, micro-pulverized and milled for finish of a cream base. Mineral pigments, a natural alternative to chemical makeup, do not contain any dyes, oils, talc, alcohol or fragrance.

Customer Testimonials

Julia Singleton

I have been a client of Maisie Dunbar Spa Lounge for the last three years. The service that I receive is amazing. All of the ladies are extremely attentive and professional and their attention to detail make every visit phenomenal. Maisie is a master at her craft and ensures that all of her assistants are as well.

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