“The Makeup for Life with the Extension of Skincare”

What is a Bluffa Jo?

A Bluffa Jo makes a conscientious effort to look the part from head to toe. A Bluffa Jo face is flawless and fierce. A Bluffa Jo is a sensuous, sophisticated, cosmopolitan individual. While he or she has an ultra and visceral air of confidence coupled with class, who never leaves her home without looking the absolute best. Bluffa Jo is the local vernacular in Liberia used to describe one who embraces inward and outward beauty. Although, Bluffa Jo is a term out of the heart of West Africa, the spirit of a Bluffa Jo transcends all cultures.

The “Bluffa Jo” Behind it All!


The Bluffa Jo behind it all is the one and only dynamic force known as Maisie Dunbar. Maisie Dunbar is an entrepreneur, facilitator, humanitarian, philanthropist,  and community leader. This bonafide Bluffa Jo wears many hats with grace. In addition to being a mentor to today’s up and coming beauty professionals, Ms. Dunbar is a licensed makeup artist and has been a celebrity nail and body therapist in the industry for two decades. Her work has been featured in reputable magazines, on stage, CD covers, ad campaigns’, television, and other media outlets. Her most recent accomplishment includes Mercedes Benz Fashion Swim Week, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, 42 Annual NAACP Awards, Mercedes Benz Couture Fashion Week  to name a few. Ms. Dunbar’s creation; Bluffa Jo cosmetics has gracefully enhanced a myriad of Fashion Week’s top model faces. In 2006, Ms. Dunbar decided to establish her very own makeup line entitled Bluffa Jo Cosmetics. This endeavor naturally followed after the success of the renowned Maisie Dunbar Spa Lounge located in Silver Spring, Maryland, of which she is the owner. Maisie Dunbar Spa Lounge is a Fashion, Beauty and Wellness lounge.  Maisie, along with her team of experts, continue to offer the best in original beauty treatment and holistic health care innovations at her spa lounge.